Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Number One (the loneliest number)

I've been wondering what to do with this site and have held off until the New Year to decide.
Nearly every day I wander down the the dairy and buy a copy of the New Zealand Herald. It is basically an Auckland paper, but has a national circulation.
Nearly every day I skim throught the headlines and read columns that interest me, pausing in the front section and the world section to do Sudoku and every time I read the Herald I get pissed off (helplessly pissed off) with;
a/ the lack off objectivity and balanced reporting,
b/ the amount of attempted indoctrination of the public and moulding off public opinion,
c/ thier apparent collusion in eroding our freedoms, individuality, and customary lifestyles
c/ not enough Sudoku and the medium Sudoku is harder than the hard Sudoku.
Let me just say that the Herald isn't the only arm of the media that acts like a P.R. company, but they are the one I read most often, so I guess I'll comment on them. I want to stay focussed.
I want to balance things out a little bit, I want to do a bit of indoctrinating, inject a bit of anarchaic-left-handed logic. I hope I dont get in trouble, and I dont mean to offend anyone, it's just the way my head works and if the Herald can publish opinions then I guess I can.

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