Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Tragic Beach Accident

This article appeared in the 3rd of January edition of the front page of the NZ Herald.
A young guy (15) had been hooning down a beach on a motorcycle during the day earlier this week and it seems that at night he continued his antics but without headlights on. This guy took out two young teenage girls walking on the beach with his bike killing a 13 year old girl.
The youth riding the bike is no doubt a dickhead with no respect for others and will deserve the manslaughter charge that should follow and I hope the guilt stays with him long after the judicial system has dealt with him.
The NZ Herald seems to be cranking this tragedy up. Two days in a row it has been front page news. It seems that because of this idiots actions the spotlight has gone on everyone who takes a vehicle on the beach.
I can envisage the police installing cameras on beaches and having checkpoint where they will ask people for ID. There certainly will be a clampdown.
The thing is, many people had already complained or cautioned the youth about his behaviour, and the Police had received complaints earlier that day ( uncertain if about same individual ) about vehicles on the beach. Why wasn't something done about the rider? 1stly by a member of the public. If a threat to public safety is apparent, don't you have a duty to stop the threat. I am saying this because of the numerous "I told you so" statements of people who had earlier seen the rider of the motorcycle. If my family was threatened I would act. 2ndly if a complaint was forwarded to the Police, what happened?
The Herald stated several other irrelevant facts, such as the motorcycle was unregistered (an unregistered vehicle still has a sparkplug and wheels) and getting the opinion of a Muriwai serial complainer who complained of " illegal quad bike and custom cars" (whatever the hell they are?). The Herald the published her opinion of a "huge increase of accidents...nothing is being done to prevent offenders riding illegally in these areas" without reporting if that persons claim was true or what the hell "illegal riding" is.
Hysteria, Heralds specialty.
But wait, some sanity and from a councillor no less!
Kitch Cuthbert said the public needed to intervene. He said "we're talking about public safety","people stand idly by". Good on you Kitch! Who wants to have checkpoints on our beaches and what kind of person cannot stand up to a lone teenage tearaway for the sake of his or her family. Come on now we weren't talking Hells Angels here

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